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Choosing between Lab grown diamonds vs. Natural Diamonds

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The most popular choice for engagement rings continues to be diamonds. While there are some alternatives to diamonds such as moissanites or white sapphires, the sparkle, brilliance and look of a diamond is still the most desirable. With the continued on-going demand of diamond jewellery, many people opt for lab grown diamonds. Lab grown diamonds have become big in the jewelry market. For many shopping for diamond or engagement rings, the decision to buy a natural vs. a lab grown diamond can be confusing. We are here to help you select which is the best for you! In the current market, the price of natural diamonds has steadily increased making it either unaffordable or a compromise on size and quality. Here are the basics on lab grown diamonds:

So, what are the key differences between lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds and more importantly, which should you choose? Summarised below are some differences for you to consider: 

  1. What is a lab grown diamond?

A lab grown diamond is a real manmade diamond. Read below for their formation.

  1. How much is a lab grown diamond vs. a natural diamond?

A lab grown diamond can be upto 50% cheaper than a natural diamond with similar characteristics. You can purchase a finer and bigger diamond for your budget.

  1. Is a lab grown diamond worth buying?

Yes! They offer great savings and are real diamonds so they offer great value for money.



  • Lab grown diamonds, as their name suggests are grown in a lab under controlled conditions to mimic the natural processes that create diamonds – heat and pressure. A tiny diamond fragment called a seed is used to grow the diamond in a lab to create the diamonds.

  • Natural diamonds, take billions of years to produce under intense natural processes and there is a finite supply of them. This, along with the mining process to extract them results in a higher cost associated with natural diamonds


  • Like natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds have inclusions, vary in colour and are ultimately graded by the 4 Cs – clarity, cut, carat and colour.

  • They are graded and certified in the same way as natural diamonds and reputable labs such as GIA offer certificates for them as well

  • Lab grown diamonds are identical to natural diamonds in every way.

  • As the production of lab- grown diamonds has become more popular, there are finer cut lab grown diamonds available in the market. So, the selection and variety offering is much more than what was available five years ago.
GIA offer certificates


Cost and Value:

  • Lab grown diamonds offer a significant discount compared to natural diamonds. For those shopping on a tighter budget, the lab grown diamonds offer a significant saving and value for money by letting you purchase a larger, finer diamond in the same budget.

  • Lab grown diamonds offer an excellent value proposition for those wanting an alternative to natural diamonds yet want a diamond as they love the look.
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Here are three reasons why you should consider lab grown diamonds:


    As mentioned earlier, there is a substantial difference in price between natural and lab-grown diamonds. You can effectively buy a larger, finer diamond within your budget – giving you great value for your money.

    Reduced Environmental Impact:

      The impacts of diamond mining including soil removal, water consumption and fossil fuels used in the mining processes are eliminated for lab grown diamonds. While there is electricity consumption used in creating the high heat and pressure conditions in the lab setting, this is typically lower that the overall consumption of fuels used in diamond mining. This is why lab grown diamonds are considered to be more environmentally friendly.

      Lab grown diamonds are REAL diamonds:
       Similar to natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds are real crystals of diamonds and have the identical characteristics and overall look.

      Colored lab-grown diamonds are a stunning and ethical choice that offers both aesthetic beauty and environmental responsibility. 

      A Spectrum of Colors:

      Colored lab-grown diamonds come in a wide range of dazzling hues, from deep blues and vibrant pinks to radiant yellows and rich greens. Unlike their natural counterparts, the creation of colored lab-grown diamonds allows for precise control over the coloration process, resulting in more vibrant and consistent colors. These diamonds can be created in a variety of fancy colors, making them perfect for unique and personalized jewelry pieces.

      The Science Behind the Colors:

      The process of creating colored lab-grown diamonds begins with a tiny diamond seed crystal that is exposed to specific trace elements during growth. These trace elements, such as boron for blue diamonds or nitrogen for yellow diamonds, are responsible for the unique colors that these lab-grown gems exhibit. By carefully controlling the introduction of these elements, scientists can produce diamonds with exceptional and consistent color saturation.

      Ethical and Sustainable:

      One of the most significant advantages of lab-grown diamonds, including colored ones, is their ethical and sustainable nature. Mined diamonds are often associated with environmentally destructive mining practices and concerns about labor exploitation. In contrast, lab-grown diamonds are created in controlled environments using sustainable practices, eliminating the negative impact associated with traditional diamond mining.

      Affordability and Value:

      Colored lab-grown diamonds offer a cost-effective way to own rare and beautiful gemstones. Natural colored diamonds are incredibly rare and can command exorbitant prices, making them inaccessible to most consumers. Colored lab-grown diamonds provide an opportunity to own these stunning gems at a fraction of the cost while still enjoying their exceptional beauty.

      Versatile and Unique:

      Colored lab-grown diamonds are incredibly versatile and can be incorporated into various jewelry designs. Whether you want a dazzling blue diamond engagement ring, a romantic pink diamond pendant, or a pair of striking yellow diamond earrings, these lab-grown gems offer endless possibilities for creating one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect your individual style and personality.

      In conclusion, colored lab-grown diamonds are a brilliant choice for those seeking both beauty and ethics in their jewelry. These exquisite gems come in a mesmerizing array of colors, are created using sustainable practices, and offer excellent value for their quality. Whether you're looking to add a pop of color to your collection or searching for the perfect ethical alternative to traditional mined diamonds, colored lab-grown diamonds are a sparkling choice that won't disappoint. Discover the world of colored lab-grown diamonds and unlock a new realm of possibilities in jewelry design and personal expression.

      If you are looking for a budgeted option, then consider exploring lab grown diamonds for your next jewellery piece. We’re happy to show you options in each category and help you make an informed decision on which is best for you. Schedule a consult today and we can help you navigate the diamond selection process and provide expert advice in narrowing down and choosing your diamond.

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