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Tips For Travelling With Your Engagement Ring

Travelling With Your Engagement Ring

If you’re planning your next trip and are worried about how it is to travel with it, you’ve come to the right place. We know that travelling with your engagement ring can be a nerve-wracking experience – it holds both sentimental and financial value. And you want to make sure you keep it safe while travelling. We got you covered with our top tips:

Tips for travelling with your engagement ring

  1. Insure your ring: Before heading out for your trip, sign up for insurance with adequate coverage to protect your ring make sure you have proper insurance coverage for your engagement ring. Check with your insurance provider to ensure it's fully protected against loss, theft, or damage, at home and abroad
  1.  Secure it in a safe place: If you’re not wearing it while you are travelling, keep it in a safe designated place such as your wallet or a hotel safe. If you have a habit of frequently removing your ring while using the washroom or for other activities, consider leaving it behind at home because there is a high chance you may leave it here or there while travelling and lose it.

  2. Wear it or leave it: When deciding whether to wear your engagement ring while traveling, consider the destination and activities involved. If you're visiting a place with a higher risk of theft or loss, it might be safer to leave it at home. Alternatively, wearing it on your finger reduces the chances of misplacing or losing it. If you will be doing physical activities where you may risk damaging or losing your ring, opt to leave it behind.

  3. Avoid attracting unnecessary attention: If you have a big, flashy engagement ring, be mindful of your surroundings and how safe the place is. In crowded places or unfamiliar locations, it's best to avoid drawing unnecessary attention to your ring. Keep your hand movements discreet to reduce the risk of theft or unwanted attention.

  4. Use a discreet pouch for storing your engagement ring: avoid using ring boxes which draw attention to the ring.

  5. Keep it with you on flights: If you choose to bring your engagement ring in your carry-on luggage, remember to never pack it in your checked baggage. Keep it with you throughout the flight to minimize the risk of loss or damage. At the same time, be careful when loading/unloading baggage so it does not get damaged.

  6. Be cautious at security checkpoints: When passing through airport security, keep an eye on your ring as it goes through the X-ray scanner. If possible, wear your ring on your finger during the screening process to avoid any confusion or accidental misplacement.

  7. Store your ring: Consider wearing a thick secure chain to slide your ring onto your neck if you want to take it off. You can also get a ring holder pendant to secure your ring onto your chain.

  8. Document your ring: Take clear and detailed photographs of your engagement ring before you travel. This documentation will be valuable in case of loss, theft, or damage, as it can help with identification and insurance claims.

  9. Keep a copy of the invoice on your ring if its brand new so you avoid customs checks.
Travelling With Engagement Ring

These tips are only some guidelines, and you should always consider your personal circumstances and destination when deciding travelling with your engagement ring.

Should I wear a fake engagement ring when traveling?

You can also consider taking along an alternative ring or make a travel replica to keep your travels stress-free. Replicas can be made using a cubic zircon and/or made in silver.

Do people wear fake rings on vacation?         

Its become more common for people to take replicas, wear only their wedding band while on their honeymoon or vacation. This allows you to have travel hassle-free and lower your valuables on your trip.

Do I need to declare an engagement ring at the airport?

Yes, if you are travelling with a new ring, technically you should declare your ring at the airport. However, most people do not bother declaring their ring. In either case, keep a copy of the paperwork handy in case you get pulled over for questioning.

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