Certificate & Appraisal



In addition to a GIA, AGS, HRD or IGI diamond grading report. We as a company provide you with a Diamond certificate, guaranteeing the quality, standard and accuracy of your diamond. This certificate serves as your diamonds DNA and helps us identify your diamond in our system. Our certificates also list the retail cost, giving you an ease in updating your appraisal at any-time.


An appraisal document is also provided from a third party independent appraiser to verify your purchase. This gives you a retail replacement value of the item, using current market data reflecting the gem stone quality, metal, and craftsmanship of the item. Your appraisal allows you to insure your item in the case of loss, theft, or damage. Insurance companies will give you an equal replacement of your item, in most cases.


The following items come with an appraisal:

  • • Diamond engagement rings
  • • All Custom Design Jewellery Pieces
  • • Diamonds, Precious Colored Stones and Jewellery