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How to Style Ruby Jewelry Outfits

How to Style Ruby Jewelry Outfits

The right piece of jewelry can make an outfit complete. We all have that friend who has the most amazing outfit and jewelry combos, which makes them seem like they just walked out of a pinterest board. Do you ever find yourself wondering how do they pull off those stunning statement jewelry pieces? Well if you’re curious about how to select jewelry that matches your outfit, we have some tips for you.

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July’s birthstone is the ruby, which is also one of the world’s top precious gems. One of the biggest misconceptions is that ruby jewelry can only be worn for extravagant social occasions but that isn’t true! A ruby piece can easily be worn for any occasion, even in a casual everyday outfit. Let usshow you how to make Luxury a Lifestyle! 

Our gem experts at Al Joher want to share their Top Tips to Style Ruby Jewelry. 

Colour Matching is Key!

How to get your Visual Aesthetics on Point. 

One of our biggest tips is to properly match your outfit colour to your ruby jewelry. Colour is everything when it comes to visual aesthetic and contrast is key. Not everyone is a pro at matching colours and that is why we are sharing our best kept secret with you; use a colour wheel! Just search one up on your phone and pair colours from across the wheel to enhance contrast and really make your jewelry pop! 

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Dress Picture Credit: Esther & Co. 

We paired our custom made Burmese Ruby Ring that has a yellow gold and diamond pavé with a gorgeous navy blue cocktail dress. You can also try pairing ruby Jewelry with any of these tones: navy blue, dark green, white, black, beige and even red on red. Don’t be afraid to have fun with it and let your personality shine through! Here are a few more piece specific tips and tricks.

Ruby Rings: One of the most breathtaking pieces of jewelry can be a ruby ring. They may not be as common but they make for gorgeous jewelry and are growing in popularity with Ruby Engagement Rings becoming very trendy. Here is our take on “How to Wear A Ruby Ring”. A smaller ruby with a thinner brand is perfect for more casual occasions. For a more formal event, you can wear a larger ruby ring as a statement piece and accentuate the impact with necklaces or earrings that have a similar ruby red colour tone. 

Ruby Necklaces: For a more formal event, try wearing a dark plunging or scooped neckline outfit with a gorgeous ruby pendant to accentuate the chest area. This is a red carpet celebrity look in the making! 

Ruby Earrings or Ruby Bracelets: Ruby’s don’t always have to be a massive statement piece either. You can easily incorporate delicate ruby earrings, ruby bracelets or bangles in a casual everyday look for an Outfit of the Day (OOTD) that everyone will be talking about!  Ruby Ring, Ruby Necklace, Ruby bracelet, Custom Ruby Gemstone, Custom Ruby Jewelry, Outfit inspo, OOTD

Each Al Joher jewelry piece has been locally made in Toronto by master artisan goldsmiths and setters using modern techniques and tools for a flawless finish. This one of a kind ruby gemstone was hand selected and used in our custom creation process, which has 3 easy steps and is fully integrated online for convenience.

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Browse our collection of custom pieces on instagram for jewelry inspo. 

Let’s make luxury a lifestyle and bring your dream piece of custom jewelry to life!

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