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May Birthstone Custom Emerald Jewelry Gift Ideas

May Birthstone Custom Emerald Jewelry Gift Ideas

Do you have the gift shopping blues? Do you feel like Etsy gifts and flowers are overdone? Each year picking the perfect gift that is both thoughtful and memorable seems to be such a challenge but don’t worry we have you covered! Al Joher has the perfect custom jewelry and gemstone creation experience waiting for you, especially for the month of May! 

May’s Birthstone is the Emerald, which is a stunning green precious gemstone that is highly sought after and makes the perfect birthday gift for any May babies in your life! 

Gorgeous emerald ring handcrafted with ethically sourced green emeralds set in gold


Did you know these Top 5 Emerald Facts?  

  1. Emeralds are one of the four top precious gems along with Sapphire, Diamond & Ruby
  2. Emeralds are a mineral and are made from beryl similar to aquamarine and morganites gemstones 
  3. More than 50% of all emeralds originate from Columbia; other sources of emeralds are Zambia, Ethiopia and Afghanistan.
  4. Emeralds are May’s birthstone and are also recognized as gifts for various milestone wedding anniversaries 
  5. Emeralds range in colour from yellowish to bluish green. At Al Joher, we carry the best colour including the range from vivid green to bluish green.

As a leading custom gemstone house, Al Joher will help transform your dream jewelry or Pinterest inspo pictures into a luxurious and custom piece of bespoke jewelry. Whether you are surprising a loved one or treating yourself, we will curate a one of a kind piece that exceeds all of your expectations. From rings, to earrings or even necklaces and bracelets, our expert gemstone specialists will guide you through the custom creation process. 

Custom Jewelry Creation Steps of Emerald Ring

These gorgeous emerald rings were handcrafted with ethically sourced emeralds directly from miners in Colombia and Zambia. This stunning piece is custom set in gold and accented with precision cut hearts and arrow diamond meellees. Each jewelry piece has been made locally made in Toronto by master artisan goldsmiths and setters using modern techniques and tools for a flawless finish. This piece makes the perfect gift for that special someone. This one of a kind emerald ring was made through our custom creation process, which has 3 easy steps and is fully integrated online for convenience.

Let’s make luxury a lifestyle and bring your dream piece of custom jewelry to life! Contact Al Joher today for a free consultation. 

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