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Cost for Resizing Your Ring in Toronto

Ring Resize Services in Toronto

Ring Resize Services in Toronto

Common reasons for changes in ring size

Life changes. Finger sizes change. People often need to get their rings resized due to a variety of reasons including a surprise proposal where the size was guesstimated, bloating, weight gain, pregnancy, or the passing on of a ring as an heirloom. Finger sizes change in winters and summers with fingers often swelling up a little in the heat. In fact, fingers also tend to contract in water so often, rings become loose during swimming. The right fitting is important so you don’t end up losing your ring or wear a pinching ring which makes your fingers bulge out on either side. When the size is right, there is just a little effort required as you move the ring over your knuckles which are typically a bit wider than the finger; once on, it should feel comfortable. For those wearing rings for the first time, there is an adjustment to get used to the feel of the ring on your finger and determine whether the ring needs to be resized. Whatever the reason may be, we are here to help. Our goldsmiths work on silver, 10k, 14k, and 18k gold as well as platinum ring resizing based out of our workshop in Downtown Toronto. 

Ring resizing process

The general rule of thumb or finger in this case (!)  is that rings can easily be resized up to a maximum of two sizes. We recommend that you bring in your ring so we can inspect it and advise you accordingly. We can resize you when you come in for a consultation. Some rings are a bit more complicated such as infinity bands and tension settings - in the case of these, we often do not recommend getting them resized. If you are thinking of getting a ring as a surprise and are not sure about the exact size, we recommend you stick to simpler settings or one where there is room for sizing; just let us know during the consult that you are estimating the size and we can advise you what settings are easier to get resized. We evaluate each ring and finger on a case by case basis to determine if ring sizing and how much is possible. As each ring resize is individually assessed, and based on your fingers, we will advise you of the cost accordingly.  Typically, the cost of a ring resizing will range from $75 - $150. For rings made by us, we offer complimentary ring sizing.

We highly recommend you to come in or go to a jewelry store to get your finger sized. You should also consider getting other fingers sized in case you want to wear the ring interchangeably on other fingers. Based on the style of the ring you are getting, there are different sizes; e.g. for a thick band, the ring sizer is also wide compared to the sizer for thinner bands. If you are planning a surprise proposal or gift, we recommend getting creative to find discreet methods of getting the finger size such as a casual trip to a jeweler at the mall, scoping out fashion jewelry or silver jewelry, or get a friend/relative involved to help get the right finger size. You can also get an existing ring and have it sized on a ring sizing mandrel at a jeweler. Be sure to note down the measurement convention - European sizing vs. North American sizing; we have a quick reference chart below to help you:

Our team of skilled goldsmiths can increase or decrease ring sizes in several ways.

Increasing ring size

The most common ring size increases are done by:

  • Stretching the metal and increasing the size; this method is usually done for up to half size increments
  • For larger size increases, the band is cut and a piece of metal is inserted and soldered in while the rest of the ring is stretched out a bit.

Decreasing ring size

The most common ring size decreases are done by:

  • Cutting a piece out from the band on the underside of the ring shank and restoring the ring back to its round shape
  • Inserting sizing beads which are little metal balls in the inner circumference of the band; this method is useful for people with wide knuckles but thinner fingers. The beads are easily removed and are a great solution to testing a better fit without changing the size. They also help keep the ring in place and minimize sliding around.
  • Shank clasp - this is a specialized solution if you have considerably larger knuckles than the rest of your finger. In this case, the shank of the ring is replaced with a clasp shank similar to that of a bangle that opens and closes. This is a custom option if you have this problem.

After the ring resizing is complete, the ring is buffed up and given a final polish so the sizing changes are not visible.

If you are looking for a ring resizing near you, contact us and we’d be happy to examine your ring and help you out with a ring resize. Book a consult directly on our website:

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