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Jewelry Repair in Toronto

Jewelry Repair in Toronto

Damaged or broken jewelry? Are you looking for somewhere to repair your jewelry? Are any of the gemstones or diamonds loose in your existing setting? We often have our fine jewelry in dire need of repair and have no idea where to go to get jewelry repaired by a reliable source. Delaying getting them fixed is a bad idea. Oftentimes, a loose prong will result in the gem falling out and getting lost. Don’t delay it. Most jewelry stores only sell new jewelry or you may not be comfortable leaving behind your precious heirloom with a sales associate at a jewelry store who is unfamiliar with goldsmithing. We are here to help! At Al Joher, not only do we craft new jewelry, we do repairs on your existing jewelry in our workshop in Toronto. We have highly skilled and experienced goldsmiths in our workshop who are trained to work on fine gems and jewelry with the utmost care required. We take great care of your pieces and you can rest assured that we will repair your jewelry and make sure it is returned as close to its original condition so you fall in love with your favourite jewelry all over again. If your gemstone has been damaged, we also provide lapidary services (stone cutting) to recut your gemstone to get rid of the damaged part. Our in house gemologist will examine your gemstone and will advise you of the possibilities if you have a damaged gemstone. In addition, if you have a rough gemstone, we can get it cut and polished to a finished gemstone which can then be set in a bespoke setting.

How it works

Once you bring in your piece, we will examine it and give you a competitive estimate. We photograph the piece and give you a detailed memorandum outlining what the repair work will be so you can rest assured that the piece you have brought in is what is repaired and returned to you. A common hesitation in giving jewelry in for repair is trust - both in the ability of the goldsmiths and in the facility itself. Our team of master goldsmiths are experienced jewelry makers and work meticulously to repair your piece to bring it back to its original beauty. In addition, our facility is insured by Jewellers Block, which is the special kind of insurance to protect against any losses. We can provide proof of insurance so that you are at ease that your jewelry is covered.

Jewelry Repair Services offered in Toronto

We also offer cleaning and polishing of your pieces. Our repair work includes work on:

  • 10K gold
  • 14K gold
  • 18K gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum

The repair will take 2-3 weeks from the time you drop it off. Our goldsmiths will treat your piece with care and understand the sentiment that jewelry holds. The services we perform include:

  • Ring resizing
  • Prong repair
  • Replacement of missing diamonds
  • Shank repair or replacement
  • Chain lengthening or shortening
  • Clasp replacement
  • Engraving
  • Soldering
  • Laser repairs
  • Insurance replacements
  • Cleaning and polish
  • Gemstone repair/ replacement
  • Independent appraisals

We are well equipped to handle a variety of detailed repairs and also provide laser repair services; this is important for certain pieces where the gemstone is heat sensitive or if the repair is in a small area and needs laser precision. It is important that jewelry is handled by experienced goldsmiths as certain gemstones can get damaged if not handled appropriately. 

Once your jewelry has been repaired, we will contact you to come to pick it up; alternatively, we also offer insured, contact-free mail-out services to have it delivered to you. 

Servicing your jewelry will ensure that your jewelry looks great and extends its life. We recommend having your jewelry repaired timely if you have any concerns. Our consultation is absolutely free so you can come by and get an estimate. We also offer virtual consults so you do not even need to bring in the piece; you can simply show us your jewelry during the consultation or provide detailed pictures showing what is broken or needs repair.

If your jewelry is beyond repairs such as if the foundation will not hold the piece together and it is too weak we will advise you accordingly and not take it in for servicing or repair. In such situations, we can work with you to reuse your gemstones or diamonds and design a new setting to give it a refreshed, modern look. All our jewelry is custom made so you get to decide the design. 

We also provide independent appraisals for your jewelry which may be used for insurance purposes.

If you have any questions or would like to book a free consult for your jewelry repair in Toronto and beyond, you can schedule one directly on our website at

We look forward to helping you get jewellery repaired and make you fall in love with your favourite jewelry all over again. 

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