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Ruby Engagement Rings in Toronto

Express your passionate love and everlasting commitment to your significant other with a ruby engagement ring from Al Joher. Wearing this gemstone is like having a constant reminder of love and affection, its fiery hues serving as symbols of the heart, passion, embers, roses, and more! We have a wide selection of cuts, colors, and metals available, so browse our catalog today and see which designs appeal to you the most. 


Various Cuts and Colors to Choose From 

Our natural ruby engagement rings come in an array of colors and cuts. The gemstone can have a delicate pink hue that symbolizes devotion and sincerity. As the hue deepens, you get a richer, more intense color that shows off your undying love for your partner. You’re welcome to choose whichever color you wish. Add more stones to turn your band into a ruby engagement ring with diamonds! 

When it comes to the cut, Al Joher has many options available. The most common cuts for rubies are round and oval, which allow the stones to achieve maximum shine. However, we have other options if you want a design that’s a little more unique.


Precious Metal Pairings 

Thanks to the warm tones of ruby, gold is the perfect metal to serve as the stone’s vessel. Many of our vintage ruby engagement rings use classic yellow gold, creating a timeless appeal. For a more modern look that’s full of personality, rose gold is also an ideal metal to pair with the gemstone. This type of gold also has a reddish hue that harmonizes with the ruby. With the right cut, your ring will look regal — a piece worthy of royalty. 

You can contrast rubies stone with cooler tones such as platinum, white gold or silver.. The contrasting hues emphasize the beauty of the gem, and also makes the ruby more suitable for cooler skin tones.


Ruby Engagement & Wedding Ring Toronto: Contact Us 

Ready to propose and seal your eternal love? Let a ruby engagement ring tell all that your heart wants to convey. To purchase a ring from our website, book an appointment or schedule a consultation with us to learn more about ruby engagement ring prices.


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What does a ruby engagement Or Wedding ring mean?
Ruby stands for love and devotion. The stone also represents protection, courage, and vitality, especially ones with deeper hues.

Are rubies more expensive than diamonds?
Generally speaking, rubies are more expensive than diamonds since the stone is much rarer. However, the pricing can still change depending on the carat, cut, clarity, and color.

Are rubies good for engagement rings?
Yes, rubies are great engagement rings. The fiery appearance adds a touch of uniqueness & character compared to diamond engagement rings. Rubies are ranked number 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness and make for a good alternative to diamonds for daily wear.

What does a ruby engagement ring symbolize?
The brilliant color of ruby engagement rings represents unwavering commitment and passionate love between a couple.

Where can I buy a ruby engagement ring?

You can get your ruby engagement ring from us as an established jeweler with expertise in gemmology and in-house cutting. Contact our team and schedule a consultation today.

What metal is the best choice for ruby engagement rings?
The warm colors of gold are the perfect complement to the fiery tones of the ruby gemstone.

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