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Why you should have a piece of emerald jewelry in your jewelry box...

Colombian emerald ring

Whether you are looking for the perfect ring for your engagement, anniversary or as a gift to yourself or someone special, an emerald jewelry is a must-have in your jewelry box. The beauty of emeralds is unparalleled and there is no wonder that they have been coveted for millennia! Since ancient times, emeralds have been a prized gemstones adorned by none other than Cleopatra who was an ardent emerald enthusiast and had many emeralds in her jewelry box.

Cleopatra's love for emeralds

Emeralds are known for their rich green colour and considered one of the most beautiful and desirable among gemstones and fall in the category of precious gemstones. They often have unique inclusions, adding to their individuality, character and beauty. The deep green color is often described as mesmerizing and brings a sense of sophistication to any jewelry piece. Most emeralds are naturally included, meaning they contain internal characteristics such as inclusions and fractures. This is a result of the way emeralds are formed in the earth. Inclusions and fractures can affect the transparency and clarity of the stone, making it appear cloudy or hazy. However, some inclusions are so small that they are not noticeable to the naked eye and do not significantly impact the beauty of the emerald. The level of inclusions and fractures in an emerald can impact its value, with high-quality emeralds having fewer and less noticeable inclusions. On the Moh’s Scale of hardness, emeralds rank 7.5 to 8 and are not far behind rubies & sapphires which rank 9, and diamonds with a 10 ranking for hardness. Emeralds are durable stones and can be worn daily, however, greater care needs to be taken with emeralds and one of the most important things is to ensure it is set securely. At Al Joher, we specialise in creating not only visually beautiful jewelry, but jewelry that is structurally well made and crafted by expert artisans that will keep your precious gemstones safe and stand the test of time.

Emeralds are found in several countries around the world, including:

  • Colombia
  • Zambia
  • Brazil
  • Madagascar
  • Russia
  • Zimbabwe
  • Afghanistan
  • Pakistan

The largest sources of emeralds currently are Colombia and Zambia. Emerald mining in Colombia started in the 16th century, during the Spanish colonial period. Colombia has a long history of emerald production and is considered one of the world's premier sources of high-quality emeralds. The country's unique geology, which includes a range of minerals and volcanic activity, has resulted in the formation of numerous emerald deposits throughout the region. Today, Colombia remains a major producer of emeralds and is known for producing some of the finest examples of the gemstone in the world.


Emeralds are a great choice for a variety of jewelry pieces and can be set on their own, with diamonds or other gemstones. Emerald jewelry can be styled in several ways, including:

  1. Statement pieces - emerald necklaces, earrings, or rings can make a bold fashion statement.
  2. Everyday wear - emerald stud earrings or a simple pendant necklace can be worn for a pop of green color on a daily basis.
  3. Formal events - emerald and diamond jewelry, such as a cocktail ring or chandelier earrings, can add glamour to a black-tie event or red carpet appearance.
  4. Bridal - emerald engagement rings or a green stone in bridal jewelry sets can symbolize love, growth, and new beginnings.
  5. Mixed with other gems - emeralds can complement other gems, such as diamonds, ruby, or sapphires, in a multi-stone setting


Emeralds are relatively durable and are suitable for daily wear in jewelry, but they are still a relatively soft stone and can scratch or chip more easily than other gemstones like diamonds. To maintain the beauty of an emerald, it is important to handle it with care and avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals or rough environments. Wearing emerald jewelry every day is possible, but the gem must be set securely to ensure it isn’t exposed.

Your emerald engagement ring can be styled with a variety of outfits, here are some suggestions:

  1. Formal wear - pair your emerald ring with a black-tie gown for a classic and elegant look.
  2. Casual wear - wear your ring with jeans and a t-shirt for a more relaxed and effortless style.
  3. Business attire - add sophistication to your workwear with your emerald ring, paired with a blazer and trousers.
  4. Bohemian - style your ring with flowy dresses and earthy accessories for a bohemian-inspired look.
  5. Classic - wear your emerald ring with a little black dress and pearls for a timeless and sophisticated look.

Ultimately, the most important thing is to wear your emerald ring in a way that makes you feel confident and comfortable, and complements your personal style.

Emerald engagement rings have been a classic and timeless choice for many years, and they continue to be popular in 2023. The rich green color of emeralds symbolizes growth, renewal, and stability, making them a popular choice for an engagement ring. Additionally, the versatility of emeralds allows them to be paired with a variety of metals and other gemstones, making them a versatile choice for an engagement ring. While traditionally emeralds are usually set in white or yellow gold, rose gold is a fun and modern and gorgeous metal to set your emerald jewelry with. While fashion trends may come and go, emerald engagement rings are always in style and are likely to remain so for years to come.

Emeralds in a halo setting – both traditional round diamonds as well as alternative halos with an array of different shaped diamonds are the most recent trend as they add focus to the stunning emerald centre gemstone. For the minimalist look, solitaire emeralds in a bezel setting for emerald rings, earrings and pendants have gained popularity since the striking colour stands out. Three stone emerald rings continue to be popular choice, especially as engagement rings. The three stones symbolize the past, present, and future, making them a meaningful and sentimental choice for an engagement ring. Emeralds, with their rich green color, are a popular choice for the center stone in a three stone ring and are often paired with diamonds or other gemstones to create a stunning and unique design. Whether set in gold or platinum, three stone emerald rings are a timeless and classic choice that is sure to be cherished for years to come.


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